Distressed Wood Framed Wall Message Cork Board

$35.00 $49.95

Wood framed wall message cork board
Distressed finish gives it a casual, rustic country look
Can be used to hang photos, note cards, keepsakes, memos, and to-do lists
Can be used to hang photos, note cards, keepsakes, memos, and to-do lists

With a cork board surface on which to hang photos, memos, and reminders, this wood framed wall message board has a rustic, casual country look that can be hung in any room of the house. The Distressed Wood Framed Wall Message Cork Board 20 in. x 20 in. Brown is made from medium density fiberboard wood and features a decorative design with a large square shape, a distressed brown finish that gives it a weathered look, and gently worn in accents that allow the natural imperfections of the wood to show through. Hang it in any room that needs a decorative touch or a place to hang keepsakes or important reminders.Mount this cork message board to a wall in a bedroom or a dorm room to hang photos of friends and family, class schedules, important memos, party invitations, note cards, or keepsakes from vacations and memorable events. In an office, this framed wall board adds a decorative touch of personal style and can be used for displaying business cards, calendar pages, work schedules, important memos, or reminders about doctor’s appointments, school and work events, or personal lists of things you need to do at work or around the home. In a family room or a central location in the house, the entire family can share this board by using it to hang up to-do lists, shopping lists, favorite photos, or schedules for sporting events, children’s lessons, family parties, or other important occasions. The neutral brown color makes it easy to coordinate this framed wall board with any casual room décor, and it has a versatile design that looks perfect hung against a white wall or a wall painted in a soft, pale color. While it can be mixed and matched with any type of room décor, this board looks especially beautiful in a rustic room accented with stylish shabby chic details.

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