Raymond Waites Drawstring Sealable Laundry Bag with Handle and Shoulder Strap


Durable and Washable Drawstring Laundry Bag
Made of 100% Printed Cotton exterior with Padded Handle
Strong Drawstring rope to keep your laundry in the bag
Handle and Shoulder Strap
Dimensions 25.5 in. High x 23 in. Diam.

The Raymond Waites large laundry tote is a printed laundry bag with pull string closure. It features a sturdy shoulder strap and handle, to help get the laundry where it needs to go. Great for students! Get your laundry to the laundry mat in style! Each bag is handmade with reinforced stitching on the handle, so it's meant to last for years and years. Its draw string closure is strong, while keeping contents secure. Durable construction enables you to use it again and again. This machine washable, extra large bag fits most standard hampers and sorters and with a draw cord and cord lock already in place, it is ready to go. Measures 35-Inch H x 24-Inch W

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