Light Accents Bright Energy Saving Adjustable LED Desk Lamp

$29.95 $39.95

  • COLORS LED DESK LAMP: Chrome Plated Metal Construction with acrylic ouster shade
  • COMPLETELY ADJUSTABLE: Goose-Neck Arm, Point light where you need it and it stays in place.
  • EVEN LIGHT DISTRIBUTION WITH WARM LIGHT COLOR: Our New LED Energy Saving Bulb casts a warm 3000 Kelvin even light, perfect for study and doing homework.
  • ENERGY SAVING LED DESK LAMP: Rated for over 50,000 hours this LED Lamp only uses 3 watts of electricity and is bright.

The Light Accents Colors LED Desk Lamp is a new launch of a truly iconic desk lamp design.

We are using the newest most advanced LED Chip on the market and have incorporated it into a flexible sturdy design making it the perfect adjustable desk lamp.

This Colors Desk Lamp features a metal and acrylic head which is the perfect combination of fun and functionality. The metal head is coated with a reflective powder coated silver finish on the inside, evenly reflecting and distributing the light from our SMD Ultimate LED Chip.

Our SMD Ultimate Chip puts out 450 Lumins and has a color temperature of 3000 Kelvin which is a warm light color. This is the perfect light color for reading and study. The color temperature is easy on the eyes and helps prevent eye fatigue.

The bulb is rated to last over 50,000 Hours so you will never need to replace a bulb again.

This desk lamp is a great energy saver using only 3 watts off power and running much cooler than a standard incandescent bulb. It is great having the peace of mind that even if tipped over this lamp poses no fire hazard threat.

Adjustability is also a wonderful feature of this desk lamp. Many of the new LED Designs on the market do not allow for this much adjustably.

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