Distressed Solid Wood Coat Rack with 5 Large Iron Hooks and Name Plate Holders


Inspired by the look of an old fashioned library card catalogue, this simple coat rack adds personal style and country chic sensibility to any hall or entry way. Whether your coat closet is full and you need additional storage or you live in a small space where closets are limited, this wall hanging coat rack provides an easy and stylish place for family, friends, and house guests to hang up their coats, hats, and scarves upon entering your home. The Distressed Solid Wood Coat Rack with 5 Large Iron Hooks features a slender, rectangular design with a gently distressed finish that gives it that rustic look, five open name tag holders that allow you to label different hooks for different members of the family, and a slightly recessed center panel with notched edges around the frame. Despite its old, repurposed look that hints at the idea that it may have once been used for something else, this modern coat rack is an elegant addition to any home. Whether you have an urban loft, a quaint country cottage, or a getaway house on the beach, the rustic design blends seamlessly into any room and adds a touch of antique charm to any wall. Designed to be mounted flush against the wall, this coat rack has a slim design that measures just 2.6 in. deep, so that it doesn?t protrude far from the surface of the wall. Choose from a variety of colors such as distressed cream, black, and grey, all of which allow the original characteristics of the natural wood to show through. The sturdy iron hooks feature two prongs on each, so that you have two layers of storage per hook. Use the hooks to hang coats, jackets, scarves, hats, mittens, and any other outer layers that you want to keep close to the door and contained in one central location in the house. If you have a summer home, a sprawling outdoor garden, or any type of backyard retreat, this coat rack can also be installed in a mud room to hang beach towels or picnic blankets.

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